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Welcome to Enindo Mitratama

PT ENINDO is established since 2004, as knowledge based company in the field of information technology. In the facing the challenge of market & demand and the growth of the

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Integrated Simulator 57MM/S-60 Canon

Integrated simulator 57MM/S-60 Canon, Manual typeThis simulator is utilized for anti-aircraft weapon operational training,for air-defense unit.

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ALDALBAK Certification

PT. Enindo Mitratama cooperate with Dislitbangad to implement trial Fire Direction Control (ALDALBAK), where results are expected to be an alternative choice as an asset of Indonesian Army.

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Field Artillery Team Simulator

Functions of Field Artillery Team Simulator is to maintain, and enhance technical capabilities and cooperate in carrying out the duties Armed soldiers and Training Implementation Team Shot in providing assistance

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Scorpion Tank Simulator

The simulator is effective & efficient full-motion training platform for operation of scorpion tank, for tactical or combat scenario, which physicaly & functionaly designed for representative

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Digital Library

DIGILIB is software to help simplify managing the references collection of library in the digital format, for supporting more easy and secure access with the feature

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Air Trafic Simulation

The new ATC automation system for the flight school and aviation training centre STPI of Indonesia has passed site acceptance tests in Tangerang.

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Thursday, 19 Jan 2017


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PT ENINDO is established since 2004, as knowledge based company in the field of information technology. In the facing the challenge of market & demand and the growth of the corporate, then build PT ENINDO MITRATAMA which is supported by excellence of human resource disciplinary specialtiein the area of engineering, management, business administration.   COMPANY VISION Becomes global of player and becomes center of excellence in the field of training and simulator technology as means the forming of company which professional and self supporting.   COMPANY MISSION  Producing high quality product that on time delivery & competitive cost Innovation development of simulator area technology engineering, training an... Read more


  • Alat Pengendali Tembakan (ALDALBAK)

    Alat Pengendali Tembakan (ALDALBAK) Dalam melaksanakan tugas utama untuk memberikan bantuan tembakan, satuan Artileri Medan membutuhkan keterpaduan antara unsur Peninjau selaku pencari sasaran, Pimpinan Penembakan atau Pibak selaku pengolah data sasaran menjadi data tembak, dan Satuan Tembak atau Satbak selaku pelaksana penembakan. Ketiga unsur ini merupakan satu kesatuan dalam pelaksanaan penembakan. Dengan perkembangan teknologi telekomunikasi dan informasi peran komputer sangat membantu dalam meningkatkan kemampuan dalam menunjang keberhasilan tugas Artileri Medan. Untuk meningkatkan peran Artileri Medan dalam melaksanakan tugasnya diperlukan suatu alat berbasis komputer yang dapat digunakan untuk menghitung data tembak lebih cepat dan teliti.  Alat tersebut merupakan gabungan kemampuan dalam komunikasi baik suara dan…

  • Foam Tender Driving Simulator

    Foam Tender Driving Simulator is designed for training and evaluation skills to drive a truck driver in the technique as well as for operator training and evaluation of spray-water in fire fightingTake place in an interactive simulation-responsive control in a closed-loop simulation The main components of simulator are: Real-truck cab / Mock-up. Supported by a fix-based platform Physical replica : - Geometry- Interior- Device control- Observation Similarity characteristics : - Dynamics - Operational situation Control Manipulator & Indicator Computing & Interface System Visual System Instructor Station